BLC operates a fleet of Freightliner Cascadia trucks, which are comfortable, reliable, and economical to operate. Some of the things our drivers appreciate about the Cascadia are as follows:

● Lighter vehicle for improved fuel consumption

● Larger windshield for improved visibility

● Deer guards installed on all trucks to minimize damage from animal encounters

● Special spring set-up on the hood for stability and to keep it from closing too hard

● A battery shutoff so the driver can turn off the battery, for power preservation

● Reduced cab noise, this year featuring a 50% reduction in road and wind noise than in previous models. A quieter cab tends to reduce driver stress and fatigue, both when at the wheel driving or in the bunk and a well-rested and low-stressed driver is obviously a safer driver

● Door openings from both the cab and to the bunk are quite large, to accommodate any size driver and make for easy access. The cab and bunk is nice and high too, 84″ in the cab and 90″ in the bunk.

● Seats are wider, higher and longer than standard seats and also swivel

● Spacious and comfortable interiors

● Bunks have fridges mounted at waist height so the driver doesn’t need to bend to access the fridge

● Plenty of power outlets for the many electronic devices that truckers seem to have

● Deep storage spaces


Click the link below for a virtual tour of our new Freightliner trucks.


A new addition to the BLC fleet includes the new Kenworth T680, which features excellent fuel efficiency, performance, and comfort. Well-known for its “best-in-class” aerodynamics, quietness, comfort, reliability, durability, and serviceability, the T680 is a welcome addition to the fleet. Some of the features drivers like about the new Kenworth T680 are as follows:

● Stylish and aerodynamic body shape for excellent fuel economy

● Improved design efficiencies including sculpted full-height roof, optimized bumper and hood, full-height side extenders, cab/sleeper-to-fairings closeout panels, chassis fairings

extenders and flush-mounted lighting. Also, the T680 has 65% more storage capacity, a 50% larger windshield, 40% less interior noise, and 30% larger door openings than previous models

● The sleeper is a full 96” wide with a high ceiling, 60 cubic feet of storage, rotating table, full-height wardrobe cabinet, a mount for a 23-inch flat-screen TV, storage tray for DVD player or video game system, hook up for a microwave, and factory-installed inverter with optional shore power.

● A pressure relief valve equalizes interior and exterior air pressure to make the door easy to open and close. The door is triple sealed against the elements and road noise.

● One-touch automatic temperature control so once the desired temperature is set, it is maintained.

● The seats feature an advanced air suspension system that automatically adjusts to various driver weights. An adjustable shock provides a full range of seat comfort for driver-specific preferences.

● The dashboard features NavPlus with hands-free cell phone capability via Bluetooth connections and voice commands.


Click the link below for a virtual tour of our new Kenworth trucks.